This is THE TRICK OR TREAT COMBO full of amazing goodies

This box is packed with jelly sweets and choccolate ideal sharer pack for the whole family to enjoy . With this combo you get a 1 kg pouch with pick n mix full of halloween sweets and a full box of goodies

1kg pouch contains

Halloween witches heads

Mini teeth fangs

Sugar coated glow worms

Jelly bones

Giant spiders

Jelly snakes

Jelly filled skulls

Jelly filled brians

Sour snakes


Mini gummy teeth

Box contains

2x Hallow marshmallow bags

1x Swizzles mix bag

1x Halloween chocolate characters bag

2x Straw twiser lollies

1x Dairy milk share bar

1x Sneezies fizzy gummies

2x Fizz wizz popping candy

1x Double dip

4x Cadbury goo heads

1x Parma violets

1x Fizzers

4x Sherbet bottles

2x Flumps

2x Bubble gum stips


  • This procuct may contain milk soya nuts